Thought Leadership


In the crowded 24/7 media world, content is king.  It's no longer good enough to make a great product to gain media traction.  Thought leadership is about having a point of view related to your industry, public policy matters and more.  Ground Floor Experiences will work with your business to develop your point of view for sharing with external audiences.  

Restaurant Consulting


Ground Floor Experiences provides specialized public affairs, regulatory compliance, and permit process guidance to restaurants and other culinary businesses as they navigate San Francisco's complicated framework of requirements.  

Strategic Advice

Ground Floor Experiences works with businesses seeking to work with the hospitality sector and startups grappling with public policy and public engagement strategy.  Whether a nascent startup without a public policy function or a real estate developer looking to attract hospitality tenants, Ground Floor Experiences can position your business for success.  Services include:

  • Business Development

    • Help to develop and cultivate a pipeline of business opportunities.

    • Provide input on product development.

  • Communications & Media Relations

    • Develop a communications strategy for multiple audiences.

    • Refine the messaging and value proposition.

    • Create thought leadership point of view for content promotion and creation.

  • Investment Strategy & Support

    • Refine or create the hospitality industry use case for pitches.

    • Assist in the creation of an investment prospect list and pitch strategy.

    • Organize investment opportunity events.

  • Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs

    • Identify and work through public policy and regulatory hurdles.

    • Develop a public policy point of view.

    • Create an outreach strategy for reaching public policy decision-makers and community stakeholders.